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New paper: Shift-Symmetric Configurations in 2D CA: Irreversibility, Insolvability, and Enumeration

New paper: “Shift-Symmetric Configurations in Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata: Irreversibility, Insolvability, and Enumeration,”


Assembly of a 3D Cellular Computer Using Folded E-Blocks

Check out our latest paper:  S. Pande,  N. J. Macias, C. Ciobanu, C. Yoon, C. Teuscher, and D. H. Gracias, Assembly of a 3D Cellular Computer Using Folded E-Blocks, Micromachines7(5), 78, 2016. DOI:


COEL: A Cloud-Based Reaction Network Simulator

Check out or latest article:

P. Banda and C. Teuscher,  COEL: A Cloud-Based Reaction Network SimulatorFrontiers in Robotics and AI, 3(13), 2016. DOI:

You can access COEL here: