Graduate Research and Mentoring Program

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The Graduate Research and Mentoring Program (GRMP) provides students training, mentoring, and opportunities for creative scholarship. It is designed to train students to become outstanding problem solvers, communicators, and leaders with the goal to increase their chances on the academic and industrial job market.

Program Structure

The ECE 508 Scholarship Bootcamp course (co-taught with Prof. Pecjinovic) provides interested students with the foundations for doing research. Topics covered include research tools, choosing and planning a project, literature review, research methodology, writing, referencing, editing, and presenting

Selected students who completed the Scholarship Bootcamp will then be offered a paid summer research internship during which they will work on a specific research project in the area of next generation computing models and architectures. Interested students can continue the research or complete an M.S. thesis.

Graduate Research and Mentoring Program (GRMP) overview.


The program is open to PSU graduate students in ECE, CS, Physics, and Systems Science. Students must have completed at least one term at PSU. Students interested in the summer research internship should take the ECE 508 Scholarship Bootcamp in the Spring term.

The ideal candidate has outstanding academic credentials and work ethics, is curious, is interested in far-reaching cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, has good programming skills, is creative, visionary, and highly motivated.

Why Consider an M.S. Thesis?

  • A must for PhD program admission.
  • Looks better on your resume.
  • Exposes you to research.
  • Competitiveness on the job market.
  • Work closely with faculty mentor.
  • Receive feedback on your work.
  • Deepen your knowledge and expertise.
  • Work on significant project.
  • Shows you can write and communicate.
  • Highlights your versatility.
  • Possibility to get published.
  • Recommendation letters from mentor.

Intel’s Engineering Leadership Program looks for outstanding problem solvers and leaders with “a research-intensive master’s degree […] with an exceptional academic record.”

Application for summer 2018 program

  • Application form:
  • Application deadline: Sun, May 6, 2018, 11:59pm. Apply early.
  • Note: Students interested in the summer research internship must take the ECE 508 Scholarship Bootcamp in the Spring term 2018.


Q: I did not take the Scholarship Bootcamp, can I still apply? A: You can, but I will only consider your application if you can provide some evidence that you already have the skills that we teach in the Scholarship Bootcamp.

Q: How long is the internship? A: You should be able to dedicate 8-12 weeks. The start is flexible.

Q: What does “paid” mean? A: The current plan (subject to change) is to pay students a stipend or the equivalent in an hourly rate. Stipends will be determined based on the length of the internship. The actual amount will depend on the available funding and on the number of selected students.

Q: What project would I work on if I were selected? A: You could either work on an individual research project or get involved in one of our ongoing projects.

Q: Can I apply if I am not currently enrolled as a student at PSU. A: No, only PSU students are eligible.


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