Interested in an internship? I’m always interested to host and train highly motivated interns, in particular over the summer. Depending on the available funding, I usually offer multiple paid internships per year. If you are a high school student, check out the Saturday Academy ASE program.YouTube clip from the summer 2010 interns:

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Get Involved in Cutting-Edge Research on Novel Computing Machines

Have you ever wondered what computers will do and what they will look like in 20 years? Do you want to be part of the next big revolution? Do you want to learn how to program microprocessors? How to program a compute cluster with hundreds of cores? teuscher.:Lab, in collaboration with MESA Oregon, offers a unique program for interns to be involved in cutting-edge research projects. For example, students can quickly learn about artificial life, evolutionary algorithms, and agent-based models. They will then learn a programming language and program computer simulations that help to make novel computers smarter, more autonomous, and more robust. For example, in a typical project, we might use agent-based models that employ evolutionary algorithms (an optimization technique inspired by natural evolution) to self-repair systems subjected to component faults.


First and foremost, the student should be passionate, willing to learn, and able and willing to commit time to this program. Any experience with programming computers is useful for this internship, but not a requirement.

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Next Generation Computing Models and Architectures