2017 Graduate Research and Mentoring Program

Applications for the 2017 Graduate Research and Mentoring Program (GRMP) are now open. For more info, see Graduate Research and Mentoring Program  (GRMP).

Application deadline: Apr 23, 2017

Eligibility: The program is open to PSU graduate students in ECE, CS, Physics, and Systems Science. Students must have completed at least one term at PSU. Students interested in the summer research internship should take the ECE 508 Scholarship Bootcamp (CRN: 65521) in the Spring term.


Students present work at TECHCON 2016

tlab students Jack Cannon, Matt Fleetwood, and Jeff Udall were invited to present their work the annual Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) TECHCON conference, which was held in Austin, TX, Sep 11-13, 2016. Jeff Udall had the special honor to present a talk.

tc16_1 tc16_2 tc16_3 tc16_4 tc16_5

Photos by Matt Fleetwood.


Immediate Opening: Grad or Undergrad Student for Statistical Data Entry and Analysis

The research group of Dr. Christof Teuscher has an immediate opening for a paid position for a graduate and/or undergraduate student with knowledge in statistical data entry and analysis. The student will analyze a large amount of data from students that were involved in graduate and undergraduate research in Dr. Teuscher’s lab. Over the last 8 years, each of them completed weekly progress reports, kept task lists, completed a weekly self-evaluation, and received personal feedback once or twice a term. The goal of the research project is to determine metrics and predictors for success in undergraduate and graduate research.


  • Graduate or undergraduate student in psychology, sociology, systems science, or related disciplines.
  • Knowledge in statistical data analysis.
  • Knowledge of statistical software, such as R or SPSS.
  • Highly motivated, responsible, independent, with outstanding work ethics.
  • Interested in educational research.
  • Outstanding academic records.


  • Data entry (enter student evaluation forms into spreadsheet).
  • Analyze and code wiki project reports and weekly self-evaluations.
  • Anonymize the data.
  • Basic data analysis (using SPSS, R, or other software).
  • Advanced data analysis (using SPSS, R, or other software).
  • Create plots an visualizations.
  • Write and compile reports.
  • Collaborate with the PSU Survey Research Lab.
  • Participate in regular project meetings.


An hourly wage. An opportunity to work on a cool project. An opportunity to make an impact. An opportunity to gain experience.

WHAT teuscher.:Lab DOES:

Our goal is to develop disruptive new computing paradigms and machines that will allow for lasting breakthroughs and open new application domains in the next 5-20 years. For more information, see the research and mission pages.


E-mail your resume with a letter of motivation to teuscher@pdx.edu. The position remains open until filled.


Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of questions.

tlab PhD students win department awards

Congrats to Mohammad, Walt, and Jens for winning several ECE department awards!

Portland State computer engineer Christof Teuscher inspired by biology

“Inspiration for new technologies often can be found in biological systems. A classic example is how plant burrs sticking to an engineer’s dog led to the creation of Velcro.”

“Following in such traditions is Christof Teuscher, an associate professor in Portland State University’s electrical and computer engineering department.”

Read more at: https://scienceinportland.wordpress.com/2016/04/30/portland-state-computer-engineer-christof-teuscher-inspired-by-biology-keen-on-collaboration-across-disciplines

Assembly of a 3D Cellular Computer Using Folded E-Blocks

Check out our latest paper:  S. Pande,  N. J. Macias, C. Ciobanu, C. Yoon, C. Teuscher, and D. H. Gracias, Assembly of a 3D Cellular Computer Using Folded E-Blocks, Micromachines7(5), 78, 2016. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/mi7050078


Christof Teuscher named Maseeh Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Christof Teuscher has been selected as the Maseeh Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University.  His visionary research seeks to redefine how we build computers and what we understand computing to be. Continue…


COEL: A Cloud-Based Reaction Network Simulator

Check out or latest article:

P. Banda and C. Teuscher,  COEL: A Cloud-Based Reaction Network SimulatorFrontiers in Robotics and AI, 3(13), 2016. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3389/frobt.2016.00013

You can access COEL here: http://coel-sim.org



Graduate Research and Mentoring Program (GRMP) Applications

Applications for the 2016 Graduate Research and Mentoring Program (GRMP) are now accepted: http://bit.ly/GRMPApplication

Application deadline: Fri, Apr 22, 2016, 11:59pm

Next Generation Computing Models and Architectures