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2017 Graduate Research and Mentoring Program

Applications for the 2017 Graduate Research and Mentoring Program (GRMP) are now open. For more info, see Graduate Research and Mentoring Program  (GRMP).

Application deadline: Apr 23, 2017

Eligibility: The program is open to PSU graduate students in ECE, CS, Physics, and Systems Science. Students must have completed at least one term at PSU. Students interested in the summer research internship should take the ECE 508 Scholarship Bootcamp (CRN: 65521) in the Spring term.


New Graduate Research and Mentoring Program

Check out the new Graduate Research and Mentoring Program (GRMP) opportunity at http://www.teuscher-lab.com/grmp!

Interested? Enroll in the ECE 507 Scholarship Bootcamp (Wed, 11:30am-12:35pm, CRN: 65573) in the Spring term 2016.